IF YOU ARE SHIPPING PLEASE READ: We ship Monday-Thursday. We like to get shipments out on Monday, so that the package has a full week to arrive. ANY ORDER PLACED AFTER 2 P.M., WILL GO THE FOLLOWING DAY. WE DO NOT SHIP FRIDAYS OR WEEKENDS. With that being said, we generally DO NOT ship packages Thursday, UNLESS it only takes one day to arrive; such as destinations in certain surrounding states such as, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Michigan etc. This is why it is crucial to check the map. If you place your order on a Thursday and it takes more than one day, we will wait until Monday.

The day your package goes out greatly depends on a variety of factors including: what day of the week you placed, what state the package is going to, and travel time of the package as we DO NOT ship cheese to sit over the weekend as it is perishable.

Disclaimer: Widmer’s Cheese is not responsible for the condition of cheese shipped in any type of weather.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your order is placed, it is packed immediately, and put into our warehouse that contains thousands of packages. Meaning if you have to make a change, there are no guarantees that we will be able to recover your package.

What is the shelf life of unopened cheese?

Cheddar/Mild Brick/Colby: 240 Days

Aged Brick: 150 Days

Curds: 120 Days

Aged Brick Spread: 1 year

Can you freeze cheese? The only cheese that we make that is safe to freeze is the Mild Brick cheese, it will keep the same flavor/consistency!

How to store opened cheese? With saran wrap/ any kind of cling wrap, and/or zip lock bags!

Do you do tours? No, we are unable to do tours due to state/federal rules. However, you can come into our store, watch the cheese making process, watch an informational video, and try some samples. If you have a large group please call ahead so we can accommodate you.

When is the best time to watch the cheesemaking process? Generally, the best time is 7:00 -11:00 a.m. Monday- Thursday. Call before you plan to know the schedule for that given week.

What shipping carrier do you use? UPS *UPS SETS THE SHIPPING PRICES NOT US!*

Do I need a cooler with ice? Only if it meets one or both of these qualifications: If it takes more than 2 days for the package to arrive, and if the weather is 60 degrees and over. However, if it is 90 degrees, and it only takes a day to get there – it is recommended that you do get a cooler. Please use digression, and treat it as though it is perishable. Our cooler and ice are guaranteed for TWO DAYS ONLY. We are not responsible for cheese shipped in warm weather, and we cannot make the decision for you.

What does a cooler with ice cost? It cost $7.00, it is a reusable Styrofoam cooler packed with reusable ice packs and wrapping of the cheese. There is always a $3.00 handling charge that is not included in the cooler charge.

Do I receive free shipping if I spend a certain amount? No, there is no such thing as free shipping. If the shipping at any such company, is marked as “free”, this simply means, that the item has been adjusted to cover the cost of the shipping.