Rosenborg Danish Brie Cheese 4.4 oz Heritage: Wisconsin has become an important source of Brie for American consumers. Many French cheese producers have chosen to make this cheese in Wisconsin because the composition of milk closely resembles that of the French regions. The bloomy rind on Brie results from Penicillium Candidum, a white mold applied to the surface. The mold produces enzymes which ripen the cheese from the outside in. Ripening occurs in just a matter of weeks. Description: This classic French cheese is now made in Wisconsin. Rich, earthy mushroom flavor changes from mild when young to pungent with age. Available plain and with flavors. Soft, creamy interior with snowy white, edible rind. Slice on sandwiches; spread on bread; wrap and bake in pastry. Remove rind and stir into soups, sauces. Brie is imported from Denmark.