Butterkäse: Wisconsin’s Little-Known “Butter Cheese”


With all the richness for which German food is known, this semi-soft cheese might just be your new secret weapon in recipes or the next cheese and wine party.

If you’re looking for a truly versatile cheese that’s a refreshing alternative from the mainstream, we’ve got a suggestion for you. It’s mild enough that kids will love it (and it makes a killer mac and cheese), yet sophisticated enough to serve with fine wines at a grownup gathering. Intrigued? We thought so. Meet Butterkäse.

 In German, the word “butterkäse roughly translates to “butter cheese”. As a cheese-loving group of folks living in the state of cheese, we can tell you firsthand that butter and cheese are pretty much the ultimate dairy duo. But that’s where the magic of butterkäse really shines…it doesn’t have any butter in it.

If you love the taste of butter, but you don’t want to go around munching on sticks of butter (for numerous reasons), then this could be the cheese for you. Sticks of butter aren’t popular snack choices because a) they’re slippery and b) there really are some limits to decadence that we can’t justify crossing.